Seasons in the Sea - A month-by-month guide to Central California sea life

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Sandy Beach; Image credit: Oregon Dept. Fish and Wildlife

Sandy beaches

in September

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Sandy-beach events in September:

  • As northwest winds and wind-generated waves subside, sand on continues to build up exposed beaches. This process will continue until the first winter storms (typically in late October).
  • Sand dollars broadcast spawn all summer, with a peak in August and September.
  • Pismo clams spawn mostly between August and October (larvae need warm water and dinoflagellate blooms for survival)
  • Sanddabs (a common flatfish off sandy beaches) spawn.
  • Fall is peak mating season for beach hoppers (amphipods), when sandy beaches are at their widest and most stable.
  • Large numbers of migrating shorebirds appear on Central Coast beaches. Western sandpipers and sanderlings return after nesting in Alaska to feed on mole crabs, beach hoppers and sand-fly larvae. Marbled godwits and willets arrive or migrate through in large numbers after nesting in Canada and Alaska.
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