Seasons in the Sea - A month-by-month guide to Central California sea life

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Coastal estuary; Image credit: City of Mountain View

Coastal estuaries

in June

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Estuary events in June:

  • Like the kelp beds, eel-grass beds expand in spring, supporting a seasonal community of animals, including worms, isopods, crabs, etc.
  • Ghost shrimps, yellow crabs, several types of worms spawn.
  • Shiner perch and black perch give birth, releasing young that eat isopods and other small crustaceans.
  • Moon snails lay eggs in "sand collars." Young moon snails hatch and feed on abundant green algae.
  • Bat rays give birth in the slough
  • Female leopard sharks leave the slough after giving birth in spring
  • Forster's terns lay eggs in Elkhorn Slough in early June.
  • Chicks of Caspian terns are already hatching in Elkhorn Slough.
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