Seasons in the Sea - A month-by-month guide to Central California sea life

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Cormorants: Image credit-Mary Hollinger - NOAA


in July

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Seabird events in July:

  • Western gull chicks fledge (6-7 weeks after hatching). By the end of July, most will be fending for themselves.
  • Black oystercatcher chicks fledge, but will rely on parents until end of summer, learning learn site-specific hunting techniques.
  • Common murre chicks at Farallones fledge at only three weeks old, and begin feeding near shore.
  • Brown pelicans arrive in large numbers from Southern California and Mexico, following the northward migration of anchovies and sardines.
  • Heerman's gulls arrive from Mexico, following the anchovies and the pelicans (from whom they steal food).
  • Elegant terns arrive from Mexico, following the anchovies.
  • Sooty shearwaters become even more numerous in outer coastal waters.
  • Sabine's gulls and arctic terns pass through the area,traveling from summer nesting areas in Alaska to Northern Canada down to "winter" feeding areas over the open ocean of the Southern Hemisphere.
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