Seasons in the Sea - A month-by-month guide to Central California sea life

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Coastal estuary; Image credit: City of Mountain View

Coastal estuaries

in August

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Estuary events in August:

  • Olive snails mate and lay eggs.
  • Mud crabs (Hemigrapsus oregnonensis) and Cancer gracilis crabs release larvae (after carrying their eggs for a month or two). These larvae may be safer at this time of year, when many small spawning fish have left the slough.
  • Leopard shark populations peak in Elkhorn Slough. Juvenile sharks feed on mud crabs. and green algae (both of which are abundant at this time of year).
  • Shovelnosed guitarfish populations peak in Elkhorn Slough, where they eat mostly mud crabs, and a few bottom fish.
  • Migrant birds begin arriving and passing through estuaries. Whimbrels become especially numerous during their southward migration.
  • Large numbers of Polyorchis jellies bloom in the slough during some years.
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