Seasons in the Sea - A month-by-month guide to Central California sea life

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Kelp: Image credit-Tania Larson, USGS

Kelp beds

in June

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Kelp bed events in June:

  • By June, the kelp canopy has spread wide and lush, and a diverse (if transitory) community of animals is living on the kelp.
  • Adult kelp crabs migrate up into the kelp canopy, while young kelp crabs migrate to intertidal areas.
  • Three different species of top snails colonize different parts of the giant kelp, from the stipe to the canopy.
  • Brown turban snails spawn in the kelp canopy.
  • In June and July, large numbers of young kelp rockfish, black rockfish, gopher rockfish, black-and-yellow rockfish, and lingcod end their planktonic stage and settle out of the plankton and into the kelp beds and the understory algae.
  • Worms, isopods, and other animals living within kelp holdfasts reach maximum diversity; many species begin to spawn.
  • Life on the seafloor beneath the kelp beds becomes diverse but understory red algae begin to suffer from shading; some will die off entirely.
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