Seasons in the Sea - A month-by-month guide to Central California sea life

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Cormorants: Image credit-Mary Hollinger - NOAA


in June

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Seabird events in June:

  • Huge numbers of sooty shearwaters continue to arrive and feed on market squid and juvenile krill.
  • Albatrosses (typically open-ocean birds) are most likely to be seen within Monterey Bay in June.
  • Eggs of common murres, Brandt's cormorants, Rhinoceros auklets, and other open-ocean birds hatch at the Farallon Islands, as their parents forage for juvenile rockfish, krill, and anchovies.
  • Eggs of Western gulls, cormorants, guilletmots, and oystercatchers hatch on sea cliffs and sea stacks.
  • Forster's terns lay eggs in Elkhorn Slough in early June.
  • Chicks of Caspian terns are already hatching in Elkhorn Slough.
  • Marbled murrelets hatch in old-growth redwoods.
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