Seasons in the Sea - A month-by-month guide to Central California sea life

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Sea star: Image credit-Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game

Rocky intertidal areas

in June

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Rocky intertidal events in June:

  • Two high-intertidal algae--Endocladia muricata (nailbrush algae) and Mastocarpus papillatus (tar-spot algae) mature and develop fruiting bodies.
  • Many tunicates, bryozoans, and sponges reach peak abundance and begin to spawn, as do the nudibranchs and isopods that feed on them.
  • Many species of intertidal worms spawn, often on the full moon.
  • Young predatory snails hatch from their eggs in May and June and begin feeding on young barnacles, snails, etc.
  • Females of many types of intertidal crabs and hermit crabs carry eggs.
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